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Dragon Age, Worldbuilding & More!

S2 E5

This week I’m joined by two amazing people in the TTRPG space, James and Dillin to discuss everything Dragon Age from the multiple video games and their plot to the newest addition to the franchise; Dragon Age Absolution. We take a deep dive into what they’ve been inspired by from the series and the many ways the series has failed.


Here’s where you can find Dillin (he/she/they):  TwitterTiktokTwitchWebsiteThe AtomlessUnprepared Casters Arc 11

Here’s where you can find James (she/they): TwitterTiktokStarlight Tales Twitch & YoutubeUnprepared Casters Arc 5 & Arc 9


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Intro and Outro Music: The Fey Mild by Arcane Anthems

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