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Dr. Malcontent & the Forces of E.V.I.L.

This is a good, fun adventure and I can't wait to whip it out on my players when I need a break from my homebrew stuff.

Bard College of Percussion

Vault of Magic II

From the cover, to the magic items, to the new NPCs everything is beautifully drawn.

Acererak’s Guide to Lichdom

I love fucking undead. I love liches I think they are one of the quintessential monsters of dnd right next to a beholder and a red dragon and anything that gives me more to play with when it comes to them is welcomed.

Beyond the Basics

The second I started reading I couldn’t stop. I devoured it. Every adventure was a joy to read.

Villains and Lairs IV

These new and imaginative takes on the Undead are sure to revitalize how the standard Undead you would find in the Monster Manual etc.

Songs of Aedragard

A first-level adventure set in the Kryptgarden Forest
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