Fight To The Top: A Charity Adventure

“And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the uneheard.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

What has the city of Shoalpeak failed to hear?

For far too long, the city has been split into layered districts which jump in wealth as they rise in elevation. From the safety of the upper district, under the protection of vaguely-humanoid guard contstucts, The Council of Pearls enjoy a lavish quality of life—one built by exploiting the lower districts. The less fortunate citizens of Shoalpeak have been pushed to the brink of despair, but every day is a new opportunity to fight back.
Will you fight back?

The city is hoarse, but it still calls out to you. 

Fight to the Top provides two entry points into the adventure, to accomodate for parties of Shoalpeak locals or outsiders. Four such locals are included as pre-generated characters for this adventure, using the two new subclasses: the Bardic College of Protest, and the Paladin Oath of Resistance. Two new backgrounds are also included, mirroring the adventurer’s themes of organizing and revealing the cities secrets: the Organizer, and the Source. Also included are eight new magic items, and 11 new statblocks—everything from guard constructs to mini money mimics.
With 15 encounters spread throughout the four districts of Shoalpeak—including a dungeon crawl through the sewers—Fight to the Top offers multiple ways to aid the people’s resistance and naviagate the adventure. The party’s actions as they travel through the districts of the city can have major impacts on the final encounter, and ultimately determine the success of the resistance’s march.

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