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Valkyrie Cycle, Fan Studies Scholar & More

S2 E8

Hello and welcome! I’m back with ANOTHER guest the amazing Saffron Hefta-Gaub, creative director for Midnight Ceremonies Media, GM for The Cromwell Chronicles, Stephanie Chaplin in The Valkyrie Cycle AND MORE.  So much was discussed and learned! I’ve got a “new” found love for Stephanie Chaplin (was already enamored with The Valkyrie Cycle), learned more about fan studies scholarship AND we reminisced about our time as Critical Role fans!


Saffron Hefta-Gaub (she/her): TwitterTiktokReel

Midnight Ceremonies Media: TwitterWebsiteThe Valkyrie Cycle

Referenced Material: The Philosophy of Games That Is Really a Philosophy of Life” from The Ezra Klein ShowThe Rise and Fall of the McElroy Fandom” by Sarah ZFan studies scholar, StitchNotes on Role-Playing Texts” by Jaakko Stenros,  Creating Canons in Tabletop Role-Playing Games Played Online” by Maria Alberto, from “Roleplaying Games in the Digital Age: Essays on Transmedia Storytelling, Tabletop RPGs and Fandom


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