VJ Talks

Is Pro-Gming Inherently Predatory?

This week we’re talking about Pro-Gming, specifically the dangerous of it when unregulated and how it can AND is BETTER when regulated through a company like Start Playing Games. With special guest Devon Chulick, co-founder of SPG. 

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The World of HuntRPG

I talk briefly about a new RPG I’m making (out on May 30th) called HuntRPG a Guided by Firelights game and then myself and my amazing guests give you a peak into the setting of the game!

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Solo But Not Alone 3

In this episode of VJ Talks, I bring on an amazing guest to talk about solo rpgs and a bundle made to help Jasper’s Game Day, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to raise funds for suicide prevention and awareness. 

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